CC and CCH are being widely used for a range of applications including slope protection on sites with sensitive infrastructure, such as power stations. Unlike shotcrete, CC produces no backspray, debris or rebound, eliminating the need for site closures or costly clean-up operations post-installation.


Garelli Industrie Chantier Channel Lining Casterino, France Read More 2015 Case Study
J N Bentley / Mott MacDonald Bentley Channel Lining Widdop Reservoir, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire Read More 2016 Case Study
Chernomortransneft, JSC Slope Protection Southern Russian Federation Read More March 2018
National Grid Pipe Protection Scunthorpe, UK Read More 2016 Case Study
Parque Industrial Aeropuerto Queretaro / Geomembranas & Geosinteticos Slope Protection Colón, Querétaro, Mexico Read More 2017 Case Study
Barhale Bund Lining Gazeley, UK Read More 2017 Case Study


Some of the people we have worked with


"The product worked well and is especially worth considering for temporary works applications in hard to reach locations as an alternative to in-situ concrete." Tom Lewis - Operations Manager, J N Bentley
"Concrete Canvas has been a real eye opener for us in terms of technology. Our main priority is to ensure the safe and consistent transport of gas through our assets and adequately protect them from third party interference. Concrete Canvas provides three layers of protective measures: It prevents the need for maintenance over the Pipelines, it provides good visual detail for the Aerial surveillance teams and third parties and it physically protects the pipeline. We are extremely pleased with the results and speed of installation and following further trials will look to utilise this material still further for other functions and applications across the Gas Distribution Networks." Chris Thomas - Network Supervisor, East Midlands Operate & Maintain, National Grid
"This product was the perfect solution for this problem as it allowed us stabilise the flood bank and give added protection against future high tides, with the added bonus of being quick and easy to install." Phil Poole - Operations Delivery Technical Support Team Member, National Resources Wales
"It was our first experience of installing Concrete Canvas but we were impressed with the ease and speed of installation, particularly given the challenging conditions on a remote site. In particular, the ability to install in wet weather greatly reduced down time that we would have normally experienced with traditional methods." Mike Rippon - Commercial Manager, Cubby Construction Ltd.



Product Brochures (5)

CC Civil Brochure
CC Data Sheet
CC Hydro Brochure
CC Hydro Data Sheet

Case Studies (20)

CC Case Study Compilation - Utilities
CC Remediation - Muck Burn Flume, Scotland
CC Channel Lining - National Grid, Scunthorpe
CC Channel Lining - Widdop Resevoir, UK
CC Slope Protection - Colon, Queretaro, Mexico
CC Slope Protection - La Espulga de Froncoli, Spain
CC Slope Protection - Curtis Island, LNG, Australia
CC Hydro Bund Lining - Surge Vessel - Anglian Water, UK

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