The speed of installation minimises traffic disruption, reduces the length of lane possession requirement, and mitigates risks associated with roadside work. CC lined channels prevent weed growth and erosion, reducing the maintenance costs associated with unlined channels.


Undisclosed Slope Protection Undisclosed Tank Farm, Oman Read More 2014 Case Study
Balfour Beatty Channel Lining A38, Devon, UK Read More 2015 Case Study
South Wales Trunk Route Agent (SWTRA) Remediation A4060, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales Read More 2017 Case Study
GRAHAM Construction Channel Lining M32, Bristol, UK Read More 2016 Case Study
RODIO / NORSCUT Slope Protection Highway A24, Peso da Régua, Portugal Read More 2016 Case Study
Civil Engineering & Development Department, Hong Kong Containment Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong Read More 2017 Case Study


Some of the people we have worked with


"The Church Village Bypass scheme presented our team with a unique challenge. The location and nature of the works required the sensitive use of appropriate construction materials in order to minimise the impact on the local environment. Concrete Canvas provided a means of rapidly installing a low carbon concrete ditch whilst maintaining the natural aesthetic of the overall scheme." Daniel Powrie - Project Manager, Costain Group
"The original drainage solution provided a huge logistical headache so changing the design to a Concrete Canvas lined ditch saved a lot of time; I was really impressed with the speed and ease of installation." Martin Dewsnap - Drainage Foreman, Hochtief (UK) Construction
"I consider CC to be a practical, fast and agile solution, which is easy to install without the need for specialised labour or lane/line possession. Another big advantage is the possibility to install CC on slopes or drainage elements under severe weather conditions. Also the transportation, the finishing and cleaning of the work site and its surrounding area was superior to the alternatives. I would recommend it as a suitable solution for slopes and ditch lining for road and rail projects." Gisela Peleira - Infraestruturas de Portugal, SA
"For me it was impressive - the hardness obtained by a thin layer of 5mm and in such a [short] time. I also like the more natural and organic look of CC against the shotcrete. It´s super-fast! Nowadays the companies are always on top of cost savings, and with the shotcrete solution [it would have been] much greater in terms of logistics and time. It´s super easy!" Mr. Macedo - Project Manager, Mota-Engil
"We were pleased with the speed of installation of Concrete Canvas, particularly given the ground conditions. We have since used Concrete Canvas on other projects to provide a fast, effective ditch lining solution and will certainly advise our clients to use in future." Richard Bardin - Contract Manager, Carnell
"The simplicity in application; the industrialization of the application process; the speed on installation; the non-risk of over hydrating the concrete; the low safety risks associated; the easiness on the material transportation; and finally, the reduced industrial waste resulting from the application." Carlos Costa - Lead Engineer, Rodio Portugal SA
"The project was a success as the programme, originally scheduled for completion in 3 weeks, was completed in 5 days. Having used the product on previous projects, I knew the speed and ease of installation would be of great advantage to us." Dale Flower - J12 Roadworks Section Engineer, Costain Carillion Joint Venture
"We found Concrete Canvas very easy to deal with. They were extremely helpful and informative about the services they provide and the product itself. They arranged to visit the site to give an informative tool box talk to operatives. The material itself was simple to install, and the speed of install was surprising. We are very pleased with the finished product and will continue to work with Concrete Canvas." Liam Tucker - Director, Suttle Projects
"The product has saved us a lot of time and has the same results as the traditional pre-cast concrete units method. Another benefit has been that we can install it in wet weather conditions, which would normally disrupt programme schedules using more traditional methods of channel lining. We believe it’s the first time Jones Bros has used Concrete Canvas on a project and that it’s one of the first times it has been used in North Wales for this type of application. It’s fantastic that the client has approved its use and we’re hopeful we’ll use it on more projects going forward. The works have progressed ahead of schedule and using the concrete canvas has gone smoothly." Elliot Bidmead - Site Agent, Jones Brothers
"The choice of concrete canvas to line the ditch was a real ‘no brainer’, it allowed us to work in most weather conditions and installation using the tracked excavator and spreader bar meant we were able to install quickly given the challenging conditions underfoot. Definitely a product we would chose to use again." Ian Dando - ALD Plant Hire



Product Brochures (5)

CC Civil Brochure
CC Data Sheet
CC Hydro Brochure
CC Hydro Data Sheet

Case Studies (50)

CC Case Study Compilation - Road
CC Ditch Lining - M32 - Bus only Junction, UK
CC Ditch Lining - A38 Newton Abbot
CC Ditch Lining - A465, Brynmawr, South Wales
CC Slope Protection - Amvia Highway, A24
CC Slope Protection - Taupiri, New Zealand
CC Gulley Lining - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
CC Channel Lining - A21 Tonbridge to Pembury, UK

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