CC and CCH have a much smaller logistical footprint than conventional concrete solutions. Reducing vehicle movements, personnel and time on site improves site safety and operational effectiveness.


Saudi Aramco Bund Lining Rig Site (Saudi Aramco), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Read More 2017 Case Study
GASCO Bund Lining Abu Dhabi, UAE Read More 2016 Case Study
Luddon Construction on behalf of Petroineos Weed Suppression Falkirk, UK Read More 2016 Case Study
SEMLogistics Bund Lining Milford Haven, UK Read More 2016 Case Study
Exxon Neftgas Limited Channel Lining Chayvo, Sakhalin, Russia Read More 2015 Case Study


Some of the people we have worked with


"Installation of any weed suppression system can be both challenging and technically difficult within pipe tracks due to the layout, access restrictions and infrastructure. However, the simple installation process of Concrete Canvas made overcoming these challenges easier." Ryan Montgomery - Contracts Manager, Luddon Construction Ltd
"Conventional concrete would have taken much more time to install and would have been much more difficult as well. In the end, cost was saved because of how rapidly and easily CC was installed. The Client was very happy. They would like to use CC again and recommend CC to anyone who has similar requirements." - FOQSCO Ltd.
"After a year of installation, nothing has grown within the Concrete Canvas lined areas, whereas vegetation continues to grow within the stop chipped sections of the pipe track. Concrete Canvas has proven to be the better and more cost-effective vegetation suppressor and we look forward to specifying the material wherever possible for this type of control." Stewart Woolley - Mechanical Asset Care Engineer, Petroineos



Product Brochures (5)

CC Civil Brochure
CC Data Sheet
CC Hydro Brochure
CC Hydro Data Sheet

Case Studies (29)

CC Case Study Compilation - Petrochem
CC Bund Lining - Classified, UK
CC Weed Suppression - Falkirk, UK
CC Remediation - PCK Extinguishing Lake, Germany
CC Bund Lining - Oman
CC Bund Lining - Athens, Greece
CC Bund Lining - Santos, Cook, Australia
CC Ditch Lining - Sakhalin, Russia - 0714

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