Pre-hydrated CC can be cut using hand tools, and the material can be fixed to itself or other surfaces in many different ways. Set CC can be cut and drilled as with conventional concrete, using angle grinders, construction disc cutters or high-quality tile cutters. It can also be water cut to a fine resolution. CC has excellent drape characteristics, allowing the material to conform to complex shapes, and the fibre surface of CC can be easily painted once set using standard exterior masonry paint.


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Product Brochures (5)

CC Civil Brochure
CC Data Sheet
CC Hydro Brochure
CC Hydro Data Sheet

Case Studies (26)

CC Case Study Compilation - Design
CC Design - Alhambretto - Italy
CC Design - Florian Schmid - Germany
CC Design - Maria Gustavsson - Sweden
CC Design - Frances Richardson - UK
CC Design - Urban Movement Design - Italy
CC Design - David Booth - UK
CC Design - David Teager-Portman - UK

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